About Us

Established in 1990

Company Overview

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This company was originally established in the 1990 and is currently registered as Hoong Tta Engineering Sdn Bhd. The company had over 20 years of experience with stainless steel and mild steel product fabrication. Hoong Tta Engineering Sdn Bhd is an expert in fabrication of custom made products for their customer whilst capable of providing a continuous supply of goods in the supply line.

The company is equipped with a variety of equipment and machinery that allows the company to fabricate a wide range of products in different sizing and design. Furthermore, the company is capable of handling large engineering projects, such as building a power plant framework for support purpose or a furnace.

Hoong Tta is also specialized in the fabrication of components for industrial gas cylinders. The company has collaborated with multiple industrial oil and gas companies for more than 20 years by supplying oil and gas components and custom made machines. As well as providing consultancy regarding expert engineering knowledge aiming to enhance the efficiency of our customer operating system.

As technology grows, the capabilities of the company grow. As a continuous growing and expanding business, Hoong Tta Engineering is gaining a certain position in the steel fabrication business. Hoong Tta Engineering is able to meet the special requirements of the industry, besides staying ahead of the competition.

Greetings from the Director

The business has been established from more than 20 years and will move forth 20 years more. With your support and encouragement, Hoong Tta Engineering has become a worthy rival in the industry. With our vision and mission, we can become better and stronger. We have a strong foundation that allows us to expand the business and become better. We always believe in Quality, Service and Customer first to achieve our aim and vision. "Export" will be our future goal in the upcoming 20 years.

"Without your support, we can't move this far. Let's work together and become better."

CH'NG CHIN TEONG - Director of Hoong Tta Engineering Sdn Bhd


“Always Getting Better & Ever Evolving”

Such philosophy inspires the employee to continuously improve working efficiencies and product’s quality, such practice promotes a healthy working culture within the company, thereby improving the production’s efficiency and product quality.

“Quality and safety come together”

In addition to product’s quality, the safety of the employees is also concerned by the company. As the safety of the working environments can seriously affects the health of the employees, it may affect the quality of product produced by the employees.
Therefore, the company often carries out safety inspection
routines to ensure the safety of the employees.


“Trustworthy & Reliable”
“Whatever the job & size”

The vision of the company focuses in the trustworthy and
reliability of the performance and services. Constant and
consistent of good performance and services is often a main priority required by most customers. Therefore, the founder believed that placing the vision of the company on these 2 factors can provide a brighter future. The company look forth to take whatever the job and whatever the size.

Why Choose Us ?

  • High end product
  • Guaranteed quality and quantity
  • Maintenance services
  • Quality of conformance to specification
  • Strict control of tolerance in specification
  • Maintenance services are available for all sold products
  • Repairing services are available for all sort of products, even not manufactured by us
  • We pay close attention to the safety of our workers
  • All workers are coded to wear required safety equipment and follow standard safety procedures.