Dish End


Dish head is used to construct pressure vessel. It function as the cover of the top and bottom of pressure vessel. Our head comes with joggle which allows manufacturers to slot in the shell of the pressure vessel. Dish head comes in various pattern, it is fabricate based on customer’s needs. Our company also offers drilling services for DISH HEAD.

Tensile strength: 75,000 PSI Minimum

Yield strength: 37,500 PSI Minimum



Types available:

  1. Semi flat (tank style head)
  2. Deep semi flat (tori spherical head)
  3. Standard (semi elliptical head)
  4. Conclave (reversed dish head)
Type Head OD (mm) Joggle OD




Semi flat 508-762 502-755 2.5-4.0 SA240 1B

SA240 2B


Deep semi flat 508-660 502-650 2.5-7.0
Standard 457-610 449-601 2.5-5.0
Conclave 508 502 2.5
Head with holes Depends on model